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IPOOQ is an evolving endeavor, and new questions and information emerge as we work through implementation. Some of the most common general questions are addressed here. Prices are Included in FAQ.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is actually both, it is a program that is written into a software which uses algorithms [key words] to find the information you need.

This service can be used by both, just let us know what is your area of interest.

If you decide to become a user of our service, you will be provided with the latest information, minute to minute, if you require. Imagine all of US top online media, and you are getting only the information you need (are interested in) just by click of a button. Great for following your business, your interests and competition. At IPOOQ we provide that, the best customer service, with the best team. We are here for you.

Web clipping is a service that provides you a complete insight in information throughout major and minor news portals. This includes print, online media news agencies and online broadcasting systems. The basic is that our software monitors the media, which you choose, and follows articles, breaking news etc. with the key words you require. The information is sent to you in a PDF format. Everything is being done in real time. We also offer a service of alarm, if a certain key word of your choice is being mentioned on one or more media then we alert you by phone or email, within minute to minute feedback.

Pricing is formed based on the number of keywords you would like to use in your search, the search is based on the top 15 medias in the country. Our Three days demo is based on two keywords you provide, and top 15 media in the country. Basic Package (2 keywords and 15 media is 400$ per week)

Data Entry Service is for you to hire a professional and make your day a lot easier. Do you have those long spreadsheets and word documents that just take too much of your time? Hire a professional with advanced Office skills, who will do the work for you!

Data Entry Clerk – having a person in your business who can do/help with most of the work with Office and also can go to the extent you training that person into performing many other tasks you require. You have a few options when hiring a Data Clerk. You can assign an Office Professional per project (15$ per hour) the estimate of the length is not a chargeable fee. You can have a fixed fee of 699$ per month with us for managing projects, multiple Office assignments – address only to Office (2003 – 2016) related projects. Your projects are assigned to multiple employees. And last you can assign an individual for your business, who can do your office work, and other work you properly train him to do. Full time cost 1399$ per month. 5% discount applies if agreed annually. Full time employees are individuals with a bachelor degree.

Hire a professional who will take your calls and schedule the day for you. Show up only for your meetings, and then take the rest your day off! Give our agents a try, available in multiple languages. Currently we have French, German and Norwegian. Cost per agent is 1799$ per month. 5% Discount if agreed annually. Only full time is available.

Team of individuals, who are dedicated on your social media presence. All requests are flexible. You can choose to grow your social media network, you can maintain contact with your costumers, or do both. Up to 7 social media accounts, and focus on your goals – Interactive Communication (Facebook Excluded) | (Full Time only) – Cost is 499$ per month.
Important – We do not support Facebook. We believe Facebook’s usage is more personal than business oriented.
If you insist, for our team to manage your Facebook (profile/groups), you must sign a Legislation Agreement.

How would you like when your clients from abroad call, you have someone to communicate in their own language? Give our agents a try! Available in French, German, Norwegian & Hungarian – per request. (Full Time hire costs 1799$ – Monthly) , 5% discount if agreed annually! Also available Per project – translation costs 65$ per hour. Estimates do not have any fees.

Allow yourself to enjoy the benefit of an online professional who will take care of your Network/PC remotely, and also give you some great advice on maintenance. (Part Time, Full Time or per request) | Full Time cost is 2000$ (8 hours a day – support) paid monthly | Part Time cost is 995$ (3 hours a day – support) paid monthly (best buy – can be set on schedules with your agent) | Full Time & Part Time – 5% discount if agreed annually. | Per Assignment there is an hourly cost at 75$.

Once you address your need to us, we  will assign you with the appropriate professional for the job. Communication, basically is done via Skype, and email. File sharing is via, DropBox, OneDrive, FTP.

I am not seeing the type of individual i need here.

– Of course there is a solution for that. As we grow and more and more educated individuals come to our offices and we have much more to offer. Our employees love a challenge and custom orders.

Once you become a client, you will receive an email with login credentials. Here you can monitor your billing cycles, pay invoices. And stay on top with your financials.

No. The Login (user account) functionality is only available for our clients. It is used manage their billing, invoices, and payments. Once we reach an agreement on the type of service/agent you need, and cost then you will get a login ID and password to your dashboard. Fell free to give us a call, or contact us via ” Request a free consultation ” form under our Contact page.

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