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At IPOOQ, we believe every business deserves to have highly trained staff in his office. Innovation and simplicity makes us happy. Our goal is to remove any technical or time consuming barriers that can prevent business owners of growing their businesses. We’re excited to help you on your journey!

Who Are We

We are a team of dedicated individuals, who will help your business growth! The new idea of business!

Our Mission

To exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative approach to business. Globally. 24/7

What We Do

We provide highly educated individuals for your business, by delivering quality with competitive pricing!

Our history

IPOOQ started as an idea in 2014 in a mind of a young man. That idea was: the best individuals for the best businesses. It is inspiring to see how an idea with hard work and dedication is changing the world. At the end of today, our work is the presentation of our capabilities!

Our 6-D process



Designing the Business Case Report contents and structure. Describing the subject of the case and the defining the proposed action. Establishing the roles and responsibilities for the business case development team.



Opportunities for improvement are identified. Qualitative assessments of the alternative scenarios are undertaken using scenario assessment criteria.



The scope of the business case is identified. The relevant data is collected for each scenario. The scope of the business case is identified. Benefits vales are assessed and assigned. Financial models are created for each scenario.



The financial metrics generated in the development stage are used evaluate the alternative scenarios. The preferred action scenario is selected using a combination of financial metrics, non-financial information, cash flow projections and
risk and sensitivity information (value-certainty matrix).



In the deploy stage the deployment aspects of the preferred option are identified. Information developed in consultation with those
responsible for deployment is recorded in the appropriate format to guide Project Management activities.



In the deliver stage the key information relating to the delivery of the expected performance is recorded for guidance to those responsible for
operational matters and the delivery of the expected results and the realization of business value.

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