The Internet is becoming the town square for
the global village of tomorrow.

 – Bill Gates

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How we can help you?

We can offer a team of highly dedicated individuals who can help your business to grow in a variety of fields. Starting form our affordable pricing, to the point where you cannot imagine your business without us!

Web Clipping

A service that provides your business with complete insight and information throughout major and minor news portals online. Based on keywords & analytical data of online media to follow (Full Time, 24/7 live reports - Trial options are available)

Data Entry

Does your company have long and strenuous spreadsheets and word documents that just takes away too much of your companies valuable time? Hire our professionals Data entry clerks who have advanced Office skills. They are willing and ready to do the work for you!

Online Organizer

Online organizer is a person who will take your calls and schedule your businesses daily routine for you. Show up only for your meetings while taking the rest your day off! Give our professional Online organization agents a try. Online organization clerks are available in multiple languages.

Social Media

Hire our team of Social media Professionals who are dedicated to your businesses or personal social media presence. All requests to our staff are flexible. You can choose to grow your social media network or you can maintain contact with your customers. We have special options and pricing for both.

Multilingual Services

Does your company make business calls abroad? How would you like the ease of when your business clients from abroad call, you have our hired professional to communicate within their own language? Give our agents a try! Available in French, German, English and various other national languages per request.

Technical Services

Allow yourself to enjoy the benefit of an online professional who will take care of your Network/PC issues remotely, at our competitive pricing. Our professional Technical Support staff will also will give your business some great advice on maintenance and up keeping systems.


If you did not see the type of service you needed listed on our website, please feel free to send us an email with the specific type of requirements your business needs, or future employee. (To mention, info on your dedicated budget to hire our professional team of staff members is required for custom business services before hiring.)

We, the staff of IPOOQ graciously thank you for viewing our site and we’re excited to suit your professional company needs.


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As my YouTube channel became more popular, I was getting overwhelmed by making and editing videos. I know how to edit, but it just took a lot of my time. I submitted a custom order to IPOOQ with the type of person i need. I have to say I am more than happy with the results, and now I have more time to be more creative on my channel. Thank you!
John Doe

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